In most cases, the instance is migrated to a new underlying host computer (though in some cases, it remains on the current host).
※ 殆どのケースで、インスタンスは新しいホストに移行されます

但し、パブリックIPの自動割り当てなどを設定している場合は、インスタンス停止により変更されるため注意が必要です。変更が許容できない場合はElastic IPを利用しましょう。




EC2 has detected degradation of the underlying hardware hosting your Amazon EC2 instance (instance-ID: i-0xxxxxxxxxxx) associated with your AWS account (AWS Account ID: xxxxxx) in the ap-northeast-1 region. Due to this degradation your instance could already be unreachable. We will stop your instance after 2023-02-03 06:00:00 UTC. Please take appropriate action before this time.
The affected instances are listed below:


You can find more information about retirement events scheduled for your EC2 instances in the AWS Management Console
You can also customize your event notification to include tags associated with your EC2 instances. For more information about customizing your event notifications see the EC2 user guide

* What will happen to my instance?
Your instance will be stopped after the specified retirement date. You can start it again at any time after it’s stopped. Any data on local instance-store volumes will be lost when the instance is stopped or terminated.

* What do I need to do?
We recommend that you stop and start the instance which will migrate the instance to a new host. Please note that any data on your local instance-store volumes will not be preserved when you stop and start your instance. For more information about stopping and starting your instance, and what to expect when your instance is stopped, such as the effect on public, private and Elastic IP addresses associated with your instance, see Stop and Start Your Instance in the EC2 User Guide ( However, if you do not need this instance, you can stop it at any time yourself or wait for EC2 to stop it after the retirement date.

* Why is EC2 retiring my instance?
EC2 may schedule instances for retirement in cases where there is an unrecoverable issue with the underlying hardware. For more information about scheduled retirement events please see the EC2 user guide (

If you have questions or issues, contact AWS Support at: .

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